I get back from Christmas vacation. I read all the unread emails and team chats, then go to work on my assigned tickets. As far as I can tell, those tickets are all I need to work on.

Then my boss snaps at me during our team catchup that I'm supposed to be working on a different set of tickets. Which were not visible on the board. Which were not assigned to me. Which nobody on the fucking team bothered to update me on. Of course if I point those out it'll just be a pain to deal with (especially since my boss doesn't seem to have my back, unless he needs something).

I thought my vacation would help me re-energize and get motivated again for this job, but coming back I'm reminded how unhappy I am now here. I've started applying elsewhere, but I don't know if I can continue to put up with this bullshit until I find a new employer.

Any tips or advice from folks who've felt unhappy in their job in the last year?

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    What would happen if you told them that you were not made aware of those tickets?
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    Sometimes it's good to open up on some pressing issues.
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    You need to be more assertive. I do not remember anymore through how much IT companies I have been, but confusion is everywhere. So do point it next time that nobody updated you, because otherwise you get the blame points. Accumulate enough blame points you get replaced or your salary will not rise.
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    @rutee07 Oh I did, to which our business partner said "oh we raised those tickets and they should have been assigned" which pretty much translates to "not our problem you didn't see them"
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    @PurgeXenos I agree with you there and I raised it to my line manager, but basically got told to shrug it off. To be honest, raises and bonuses were put on hold since the pandemic so I wouldn't get anything regardless of my performance rating - and being replaced would be in my favour, since it'd actually entitle me to some local labour law benefits.

    I really have no incentive to work except for the steady paycheck.
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    @Kairpooph That sucks. Well, dont know ehat to say :) You should change company then that is less toxic, you will burn there man :(
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