Hello everyone, Currently I am working as Lead Developer at one Local Company. I am from Nepal.

The salary here and overall position is quite fascinating but there is no growth of mine here technically because there is no one to judge,teach or mentor you get my point.

So i thought for a switch and applied and got selected as SR. MERN Stack Dev at one UK Based Company. The salary of both companies is quite similar for me. But now it is like starting again from bottom.

Leaving my comfort zone, the hunger of growth. What you think, did i made right decision or not. please let me know. And also please leave few tips on how should i go forward in my remote work because i don't have quite experience in remote work like how time should be managed. What are your tips on that.

Thank you and Cheers :)

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    I don't know how the Nepal based company was, but switching things up may just prevent you from getting too bogged down in a job position.
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    for how long you work in the company ?
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    Remote work is nothing special. You speak to your boss, and team mates about the expectations from work and time schedule

    All the best
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