Fuck I am such an idiot. I was talking to a super awesome girl on the phone and she was laughing at some jokes and I had the great idea to tell her some darker jokes and of course she didn't laugh at all and got offended. I think I'll always find a way to fuck it up.

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    Why would you want someone who doesn't get your sense of humor? I think that is a big deal if you're gonna spend a long time together. I don't know, man. Maybe you'll find someone who does.
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    @rutee07 yeah problem is everything else matches 100%
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    @lolcube everything else is pointless if you can’t laugh together
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    @lolcube don't try to adjust for a girl you have nothing going on with. Pointless task
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    @lolcube Your dick matches up with her hole, but that's unremarkable because there's an ISO standard for that anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop aeh do you happen to have the exact Iso number for that? I need it it for... Scientific reasons... Aeh yeah...
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    @lolcube ISO standards have to be paid, but a draft version on a somewhat related topic was leaked years ago. I think that was ISO 69.
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    @Fast-Nop are you sure it wasn't ISO 34?
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    @iiii That looks also related. ^^
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    You mean she had a chance with you but she blew it by not laughing at your jokes?
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    Well, she is a girl. You had better setup a date for some activity with her. Umagine being a girl, and some dude just talks and talks. Do something, whatever comes up. She had probably hoped you will invite her to bowling, walk in the park or something and you started telling jokes.. Dude, she knows why are you talking to her :)
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    You can always say sorry and up to her if she will talk to you again. And most definitely consider the suggestion by @PurgeXenos. Ask the girl out.
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    I mean, it depends how quickly you changed as well.

    If you went from "Why did the chicken cross the road" jokes to "They should really do something about all those African mosquitoes... dying needlessly of aids", that's probably not a sensible move.

    If it was a lighter touch "gender and the twin towers are quite similar really. Used to be two and now it's a sensitive subject", then.... just make sure she's not trans.
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