Dear MyISAM,

please die a painful and horrible death already, you living corpse of the times long gone. You're taking way too long.

Thank you,
signed, myself.

((Seriously, MyISAM is so bad, yet so many people still use it because they don't know better))

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    20+ years ago myisam was the fastest of the storage engines Mysql supported if you could do without transactions and some other features.

    The innodb engine was more compliant and had more features but also had a reputation for being slower.

    If someone is following old guides i guess they recommend myisam

    But I think innodb got very much better soon after, and I have not setup mysql recently so I have no knowledge of current recommendations.
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    @Voxera I am/was guilty of this up until about 8 years ago. Transactions and rollbacks were a gamechanger... yeah there's no real use for MYISAM anymore
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