How do you guys handle existential crisis? Asking for a very close friend

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    I search the Matrix looking for cracks in "reality". I find surprising moments of solace as I do this. I also sometimes find terrible things I cannot unlearn. But in the long run I am better for learning "truth" (subjective to the framing of "reality") even if fleeting.
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    @Demolishun Can you point out some examples you came across real quick?
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    step back and analyze the situation. if i am in a really really bad situation i lock myself for one or two days. i calm down (because i think without a clear head you just produce bullshit) and then i think about possible solutions.
    this at least works best for me.
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    @sandeepbalan No, people would ridicule me as they have in the past. People have no context and the first reaction to new information is ridicule. Done with retards.
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    I talk. On forums , with mom , with some friends, a lot of people . And myself too . Like, i would just recored am audio and then listen it and delete it later. This makes the problem reflect clearly and a problem discussed is a problem solved .
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    I consider the alternative.

    An existence with great suffering is still better than no existence at all.
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    @sandeepbalan it was Q anon and CP
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    Q Anon does not represent my views. What is CP?

    Are you suggesting I have a neurological disorder?
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi didnt get the context
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    @nebula I mean it is like a cycle for me. For a couple month things went full productive at work and contributed to a lot for personal growth[ proficiency ]. As time goes , when coming back to reality things are different than anticipated or expected which leads to

    comparison with others [in terms of relationship, finance,] and followed by a little bit of dissatisfaction

    anxiety [ in tems of how things could possible change after a definite time with my current progress and issues . Eg : 5, 10 years] ,

    Insomnia [ thinking total bs]

    Possible reasons from analysis

    Lack of communication

    Lacking of concentration of priority driven thought process


    Possible solutions from analysis

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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi but with no existing you would not know the pain of suffering 😂😂
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