what are some of your thoughs on GraphQL?. I Recently made a side project using it and it was not bad. I just think that GraphQL pays off if you're going to build something highly connected and your queries are very unpredictable (like a social network). Developing new features/endpoints is a bit slower than a rest api and that is a deal breaker for me. But it's ok

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    I think that GraphQL shines in some use cases, for example, I use hasura for getting analytics for some apis, no coding, kinda plug n play.
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    As a systems designer I have no idea how anyone has gotten GraphQL to scale aside from simply throwing more machines at it and hoping it doesn't crumble.

    I'd be very resistant to using it for anything more than a toy.
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    Using Graphql (Apollo) at my new job and I'm loving it so far. We basically use it as a way to talk to the database easily. Graphql certainly isn't perfect but there's some tools out there that make it a lot of fun.
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    @junon Why? is it because its just one endpoint? I want to understand
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    I love GraphQL. Really powerful. I would use it for every new API I built if it wasn’t for just so many people still not knowing how to use it/query a GraphQL API. I highly recommend learning - there’s so many benefits to using GQL.
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    Not sure. I feel strongly opposed to letting the client be responsible for knowing how all the data is structured. Change something in the data structure and now all clients need to update too. I've always learned and felt that should never be the case.
    Though in all fairness, REST does exactly the same thing but with URIs instead of data structures. But URIs can be versioned and I don't really know how to do that with GQL.
    It has its uses I guess, but I never found them
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