It looks like "Fifty Shades of Gray" is a popular color palette among frontend designers.

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    I like it too. There's cold blue-y dark gray, organic green-y dark gray, warm brown-y dark gray, some colors for harmony and less dark gray of the same hue for highlights. Text is always light gray and slightly spaced for improved readability.

    I'm not a graphic designer and no one but me likes my designs though.
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    @homo-lorens So THIS was the rant you meant to comment on. 😂. Shades of gray are cool. I’m biased toward purple because not many people seem to use it, but I’m good with whatever colors people choose as long as they have a decent contrast between text and background.
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    @T33th exactly. I’ve counted 8 different grays in a single page today. And the designer notices when I use the "wrong" one. IT HAS TO BE THAT EXACT GRAY IN THAT EXACT SPOT!
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