Our entire grad program has just been cancelled by management because the intake isn't "diverse enough" - and this is after we've interviewed everyone, taken them through assessment centre days, and decided who we wanted to hire.

It's ok guys, you can waste hundreds of man hours of employee time, and shun all the great candidates who put time and effort in (some of whom were the very minorities they're trying to supposedly encourage) - as long as you do it in the name of diversity. Anyone disagrees, you can just call them a massive dick for apparently wanting an all white male workplace 😠

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    I think we are losing the sight why do we need diversity. It's not people, it's the thinking of people.
    This seems quite irresponsible of management to do this. People who interviewed and people who gave the interviews both must have put a lot efforts.
    I don't know the reason but would love to know what management was actually thinking all this time.
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    @true-dev001 I suspect they're thinking of hitting a quota so they can look good, rather than actually hiring responsibly.
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    @AlmondSauce yeah these shenanigans are probably about hitting quotas to receive certain funding etc. Can't think of anything else but public image and funding
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