What should i use for making a app which needs to learn on both android and windows and maybe ios. It is pretty simple. Mainly needs notification, network and file acccess, does not cost an arm and a leg, uses less than 1 gb of memory at a time and being able to be used as to make a backend is a plus. Being able to be used commercially is a plus too. Also please suggest somehing that does not have a steep learning curve

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    Publish to both desktop and mobile platforms.

    Doesn't have a steep learning curve.

    That's going to be a problem.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi If I have no problem with a steep learning curve then what should i use
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 I'm pretty against frameworks but Node/React Native would be the obvi choice for publishing to that mix of platforms... However, particularly where publishing commercially to the App Store goes... good luck.

    If it were me I'd do triplicate projects in .NET, Swift, and Kotlin...

    You'd also learn Visual Studio, xCode, and Android Studio better, along with the nuances of each platform this way.
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