Hi everyone hows it going today? been learning alot lately Question? when working with lib2cpp.so files whats the best inspector for them? and what do these files contain? (example: gamelib.so)
i know a .so file is C++ so i think it has something to do with offsets and memory ranges something like that.
but im trying to open one lol
we have moved to andlua and i learned the api fully
app: https://andnixsh.com/2020/05/...
AndLua+ app is a lightweight scripting tool that allows you to easily perform script programming and testing on your Android phone. This is a very useful tool for those who need script (android development or modding) programming. AndLua+ is based on the open source project lua. It uses a simple and beautiful lua language, which simplifies cumbersome Java statements. At the same time, it supports the use of most Android APIs, free installation and debugging, and makes your development on your mobile phone easier and faster. The permission requested is for you to write a program to use, please rest assured to use.

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