I try to read about stuff that is related to what I am doing. Trying to learn about design patterns. The most recent example being learning about the Actor Model when I worked on Orleans Grains in a project at my company. That lead to learning about erlang and akka.
These things excite me. Makes me think about every problem I have ever solved. Drives me to think from a multitude of perspectives in the future.

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    Read Head First Design Patterns
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    @craig939393 I know about this book, but what I have realised is that for me learning about stuff while working on it makes it clearer to me.
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    @-devpool- I only say as a heads up - from my experience you will only ever use a pattern of you know it exists. There are many good, and too many bad, ways to do things that of you don't know the names and intents of patterns you probably won't use it.
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