Google: "We're sorry... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

Despite all of their efforts towards so-called artificial "intelligence" and "I am not a robot", they are still not even able to distinguish a script from human rage clicking?!

I will be so glad when Google and their services will be history. Like with Whatsapp and the other Silicon Valley crap, intelligent people are practically forced to use bullshit software just because it got so popular that "everybody else" is using it.

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    How do we know that you are actually a Human?
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    @theabbie fraktalisam _does_ sound like the kind of username a nascent AI might choose... ;)
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    It's a near impossible task, cut them some slack. It's like trying to identify whether a node in a cluster went down because the node crashed or the network link to it crashed
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    I never had problems solving the recaptcha. You just have to behave as if you are mentally challenged. Move the mouse in circles and take some time clicking on the images. They don't let you through because you clicked the right images it's about how you clicked them
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    @pythonPlusPlus don't think it's the recaptcha he has issues with but search.

    I did have some issues with it in private browsing on Firefox. On Firefox in general or behaves more annoying (higher chance of pictionarry)
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    @hjk101 @pythonPlusPlus but the captcha's are another annoyance. Sometimes the ominous "I am not a robot" + 1 large checkbox, some other times street scenery probably from some "smart self-driving" car that needs my help to decide which objects are other cars and which are traffic lights.
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    @fraktalisman yeah that was what I was talking about in the second paragraph.
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    "Hook me up ill give you a captcha solver script, passrate about 93 percent" :D
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