After realizing that I am burnout from working, I soon realize that you should not go above and beyond when working, they will always expect you to work like that and be disappointed if you did a minor mistake.

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    Now you get it.

    The general rule is work at around 20% of what you can do, and leave 80% of your performance for improvement and emergency times.

    a) follows the 20-80 rule... 20% of your effort results in 80% of your work usually, the other 80% results into the 20% of work that people barely notice anyway

    b) gives your project manager much more constant measure and allows for better time planning for the entire team (if everyone does it)

    The time you spend burnt-out hurts both you and the company way more than working constantly and comfortably at a static pace!

    Unfortunatelly this is not something you can explain to new devs and everyone has to learn it from experience to actually understand. You try to tell a new wide-eyed dev to only work 20% and they get upset over it.
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    You can also work 90% and don't do overhours.
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    @Hazarth yupp, i have slowed down with pace, im getting really serious when things are really needed, for example, im coding today since i won't finish one feature.

    That approach healed me from morning diarrheas and anxiety when i was 100% all the time and boss wanted more. But we collaborated and chilled with whole team :)
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