Hey Everyone I’m new to coding and I just wanted to ask what I should be do when feeling overwhelmed and burned out from code, I have anxiety and ADHD, I am not able to focus for very long.

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    As @halfflat alluded, habitual patterns of eating healthy and regularly and sleeping well do help with managing your ADHD. Everyone’s symptoms are different, and so are the tools you can use to manage yourself, but those are generally accepted as good self-managing helpers. Also, breaks when you need them. Focus when you can.
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    Start small and keep it small, like

    Create the database, hug yourself and stop 10 minutes
    Create a table/document, hug yourself and stop 10 minutes
    Download the framework (if any), hug yourself and stop 10 minutes

    The best way to deal with it is to keep it short and give yourself the sensation of achievement because guess what:

    You will get that from nobody
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    Take a break and then try to brake the problem down into smaller problems when you get back.

    Also remember all of are lost sometimes and a large portion suffer from imposter syndrome
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    Focus in short periods, reward yourself with fulfilling entertainment (preferably not involving a computer) for achieving self-set milestones. A milestone may be setting up the database, but if you bump into a problem, you should add an intermediary milestone of finding a useful error message. When things don't go as planned, always reconsider when you want to take your next break.
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    A different tip is try some small project that you will have fun, kid a small game, or an animation (you can try things as the matrix code)
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    Go for a walk / take a break when you're stuck. I find it helps structure my thoughts when doing something like that. Mr beards suggestion is even better.

    Also, check devrant while doing it to help take your mind off things 😁
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    I have ADHD and anxiety; it's pretty hard and it's a work in progress, but if you are open to micrdosing shrooms, they help a lot. I was prescribed adderall and I got off it because it made me more anxious at the baseline. If you're taking any stims, try cutting them out. I used to smoke nicotine for a year and it's insane how much more anxious it made me. I was on 6 cups of coffee a day + cigs + adderall, for about a year. And now I'm off them all (except a cup of coffee in the morning), and I microdose, and I feel so calm and focused.
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