i am (somewhat unreasonably) mad at a ten year old classmate of my child. he showed off his programming skills by typing print commands. i wanted to mock him a little by pointing out python 2 would be out of date. he called my child a noob and suggested i don't know shit and he'd be coding c++.

so beside me obviously having no dignity for mocking someone quarter my age, i am not even mad for him talking shit about me, i am just overwhelmingly disappointed about his entitlement and blatant lies. so this is the future? this is an uprising nerd? i'd love to encourage every child on programming, but not with this attitude.

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    Lol why exactly did you try to mock the kid? That never works, at best you get the "ok boomer" response. You need to one-up that smart ass, teach your kid to mod their favourite game, publish something on GitHub, get ranked on TopCoder, whatever. Throw down the gauntlet ffs if you want your kid to actually become someone relevant, all you show by mocking others is that you can't compete with them.
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    a typical idiot. back in the days it was just something else they talked about. time to teach your kid about retards and how pitiful they are.
    i think this kid (not yours) misses some love and acts like this to feel important.
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    @hitko i totally see that this was immature, but just wanted to be a wiseass on this child that is constanty bragging according to my daughter. unfortunately she is totally not interested in programming.
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    @nebula i wondered what the parents compensate for by providing a full rgb-setup with i9 in the first place 😂
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    Relax, this is a ten year old we're talking about. I was an absolute idiot at that age and I'm sure most of the others here (and everywhere else) were too. As far as misguided opinions go you can do far worse.
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    You don't give attention to braggers, if he really had any skill, he'd be using programming to make his life easier.
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    You could try telling the kid that you actually work with this stuff and that he could learn something from you. If he doesn't care or gives you some sort of mean response just say "ok", otherwise you can teach him a little bit. I understand how you feel, but he's only 10, hopefully he'll become a bit more humble with time.
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    @ostream yes, i'll consider that. it will teach him about bullying or something 😂
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    @neeno we've already replied with 'yeah, you're right'. if he had replied with an actual explanation i would have daydreamed of a programming workshop. but i guess i am just too unstable to handle these kind of people of any age.
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    Why mock him ? Why not telling him that it is great what he can du in his age etc ?
    Sorry but you deserved this
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    I had a classmate in the late 90s. The the rest of our class was struggling to learn HTML and this kid was doing JavaScript voodoo as far as we all knew. None of us understood it, so it was magic to us. He was so addicted to the ego pump by peers that he started making up lies so people might pump his ego. The lies became sensational and they totally disconnected with his capabilities and resources. It snowballed in high school.

    What started as his natural aptitude for programming turned into an ego pump addiction that caused him to fall behind. Now he is a middle aged guy that works at a sandwich shop. I am saddened by that because he could have done so much more if he had kept his ego in check.
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    Handling kids is complex, and reverse psychology works wonders.
    When put in front of a kid, I request them to teach me some stuff (some are smart, so directly asking them to teach you won't work). When they begin and reach one of my strong areas, I demonstrate my authority on the topic by asking questions whose answers they don't know and get their attention.

    Now I use this to get the attention (and "respect" in some sense, otherwise they think everyone else is a bum) and try to teach/help/play with them. But this can probably be used to get back at someone as well 😅
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    Well, children are children. If you are human, you should have interacted with a lot of them while you where a child yourself.
    Don't be surprised about children today behaving like they did back then.
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