As some of you (I'm certain), I have a plex server at home. Hosted with an "old" core i5-4670K, 16GB ram, no GPU. (Ubuntu 20).

My question. HOW, HOW THE FUCK :

I can play HDR and DV videos via plex TV app.
I can play HDR via my S10 fucking phone !
I cannot play nor HDR nor DV since last update on Xbox X... It's the ONLY use I have for that console. If my TV can do better, wtf I'm supposed to do with that console ? (Any way to put plex server on it ?)

My friend can play my 4k HDR video on apple TV via remote connexion..

What's wrong with Xbox X ?


Also, FU all ripers using PGS format for subtitles without SRT option.

Also FU sony for not allowing TrueHD via ARC. (AT least on my A/V reciver)

Also fuck me for buying xbox.

Also fuck the worl just because.

Ok, I feel better. Thanks you all.

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    @theKarlisK Okn on this I'm Plex free user.

    I got subscriptrion for a month to test harweare decoding (on the same i5). Was disapointed, canceled subscription.

    But yeah, feels like it's coming
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    I dont have a xbox but check if you can mount network drives and play video files from there. Also maybe play games on the xbox. Game pass has a lot of games but you need to buy xbox live. Xbox live is included with game pass ultimate ehich also includes xbox game pass tor pc. Also I heard you can share xbox game pass with people so you can share xbox game pass ultimate with your pc friends and play some crossplay game together.
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    Also why not buy something like roku or mi box to watch hdr content in your tv
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    I had this issue with nearly all the "non-apple" clients on my server at home (also core i5) when connecting either through local network or remotely. My PS4 has been guilty of this more times than I can count. Try allowing unsecured AND secured connections on your Plex server if it's not enabled. Apple TV/iPhone/all other iCrap connects via secured connection. Plex for android and NEARLY every other platform out there uses unsecured connections to plex.tv and your server to make that shit happen. Just another case of apple needing to Molly-coddle users because it thinks they know nothing.
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