today i had to teach a friend of mine that:
"we don't negotiate with the terrorists from artistic department".

plot twist: i am the artistic department:p

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    @AtuM why?

    the situation is that we had an idea and use youtube to promote the website/services-to be.

    we both are not exactly youtube ppl, but well, i did mess around with graphical design in the past, and my friend kinda wants exposure as a youtuber, so here' where we're at:

    begin of his channel
    he does all writing part, finding visual support etc, the ideas part.

    i do the editing, my part is to make his ideas work. but he often lacks finesse. in fact he's a total noob in these matters.

    so am i, but at least i have interest in writing as a whole, and esthetic theory stuff too like architecture or photography, at the level of general culture.

    but most importantly i have worked with subordinates, so i have a practical knowledge of how to manage human resources so to speak.

    so im in th position of teaching my de facto boss how to be a boss

    kinda funny to me especially its an exact quote:)
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