Why you should use sketchware and not use it at the same time regarding: encryption
sketchware the app is known to build apps by dragging elements to the screen then coding them with blocks or even write your code with the built in ide but there is one thing every developer fears. ah yes. the reverse engineers (or modders)
random guy [rates: X]: sketchware encryption is trash! are you serious?! string fog?! class rename?! i decrypted this whole app with the software i made >:D

sketchware dev wrote back to random guy: string fog isn't working because you decrypted sir! there is nothing we can do sir but email to our email and we will get back to you in a few and fix the problem

i have to say this is why i stick to android studio too many skids decrypt the C++ files or the mod menu just to edit stuff :) i also build some games im learning android studio game development but at the time lets have fun and mod other peoples games

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    LOL, imagine someone going through all that trouble just to add few items that will never get support from upstream. That hurts
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