Once upon a time to prevent people from stealing my work I created a program that converted photos and files into double sided sheets of at codes with packeted contents so I could scan them into a high resolution file later and recompose them into a series of files

So very aggressively insistent we’re the dumb slaves that run all this crap in being cruel and evil and fucking themselves over that they stole these sheets from the document folders I carried in my backpack and sent me into a traumatized state pre amnesia and wasted 5 years of my life

Now all these same period are either leering programmed fools or withered miserable sacks of skin and I’m no closer to moved on from this bs and I find myself exasperated that everyone and their retard incestuous uncle would want to deny and repeat the same crap over and over as they as they are only making themselves crazy as well. Says something no records equals no future in essence essentially the reason if it’s not physically secured on land that cannot be taken away and we keep trading law and order for .., whatever these idiots get out of this well all die before we reach much furthet

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    Dammit they appear to even be looping the same cam girl shows today
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    I’d add a pic to prove but I betcha I’d get banned
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    @ostream I’m seeing a lot of things that challenge my belief that there remain good people with sound morals or the capacity to foster their offspring like dumb beasts in the animal kingdom seem more capable of so no not really

    I don’t think people believe me when I say how surprised I am that I’m the normal one after growing up believing there was something wrong with me visa vi my ability to remain happy and feel that people not liking me when I was kind in earnest and a very handsome young man to boot with a good mind was concerned but I totally understand now what I was quietly being exposed to now
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