doing an assignment.

me, thinking to myself: "why the heck everybody pastes over an nginx config when they want to script switching the autoindex on or off?

thats not linux at all you sed the fucker that's how its done...", feeling all smart

> type it
> test it

looking fine, as always. im born for this shit

> run it

>restart nginx

restart fails.
i check if i didnt sed any whitespaces, everything seems fine

>restart nginx
fail again.
look closer
4 lines below intended target: "locatioff" lmfao

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    That's what nginx -t is for, smartass!
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    @lamka02sk "you learn fastest by falling flat on your face" could be my personnal motto:)
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    @lamka02sk its like earlier this day:
    in fact i lost the best 6 hours (morning) to waiting because i had trouble with installing upgrades for a debian docker image (same assignment)

    suddenly get errors about debian updates not having a gpg key.
    i think: they made an update, someone dropped the ball at debians, so it will take maybe 2 hrs to get fixed.
    so i wait. 6 hrs. got some sleep in the meantime.

    when back to it, same error. im suspicious it might be something else.

    look around for answers and i find that it might be lack of space. so i clear docker images. half of those cant be deleted because of being depend on by something something... tldr; i think i fucked something up so i reinstall the virtual machine with bigger disk allowance.

    i go for a stroll. use my last 2 braincells

    "with docker you have an image but you got also the container" (mental facepalm)
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