Are airwaves cast by WiFi and cell towers dangerous. Please link a credible source for it. During lunch my father brought up the fact that a actress sued the Indian government asking them to announce of 5g is dangerous or not. I said that it is not dangerous since we get higher amounts of radiation at us every day so 5g should not be anything dangerous for us. I should have said that it is non ionising radiation though. He also brought up that fact that there have been numerous instances of misleading advertising saying that what we use at our home is bad like saying ghee causes cholesterol which is bad and then a few years later saying that ghee is actually good. He just believes that companies could be doing false advertising saying that 5g is good when it actually is not. Can't blame him since he has seen multiple instances of false advertising.

Digging up on Google landed me on a nytimes article which basically said radiation 5g airwaves not effect us since our skin reflects that off and the small amount that does not get reflected heats up our skin to a negligible amount

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