I know I'm late to the party with GPU passthrough, but holy crap is it great! I first tried to set it up with an old GeForce 1050 ti, but damned if nvidia isn't completely worthy of that middle finger Linus gave them. I switched to an older Radeon(rx570) and it worked PERFECTLY. I have a fully accelerated windows desktop running as a VM now that I can connect to via parsec.

Big fan.

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    Are you talking about the nvidia code 43 error? that one is fixed with a single line in libvirt - and recently they removed that artificial limitation entirely too.

    It's on the host that nvidia is a bit.. problematic.
    Love my vfio setup too though :)
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    I'm referring to the fact that you basically have to hack the machine to get Nvidia hardware to work, while Radeon cards work 100% out of the box.
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    @bahua "hack"? how, it's just a vendor-id line in the libvirt xml or does that qualify as hacking already
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    I'm not saying it requires any skill. I'm saying that it's an attempt to fight a vendor that's hostile to flexible use of their hardware. I would rather just deal with a vendor that lacks that hostility.
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    @bahua fair, they made that clearly to sell their enterprise cards "meant" for virtualized environments and tried to cripple the consumer cards, now everyone hailed them for removing that, it's quite funny
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