Planning on building a homelab out of my old laptops.

Anyone got experience with this?

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    What do you want to do with this homelab?
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    Yeah if they’re too old it will suck lol
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    For my case I use rpi
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    I am too building a homelab cluster. i have good experience with k3s (lightweight k8s and even a moron like me can deploy it).
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    @nebula wow, that name is triggering... 😱
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    I used a cheap "sales point" computer, I handle everything with caprover https://caprover.com/

    Basically, it is a container that helps you install other containers and has the routing done for you too in nginx.

    Then I used duckdns to point a subdomain of my own to the ip of the box.
    I tis pretty neat have a bunch of web services there.
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    I always think of these

    when I think of cloud computing
    i soooo wanted to build one out of recycled 486s back in the day !

    no idea what i would have used it for lol
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    @MadMadMadMrMim I have been thinking about paralell computing, but also have no idea what to do with it.

    I saw some dudes built a super computer with a few PS3 when it came out, that sounds interesting.
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    @mundo03 yeah back in the day when people junked their original xboxes you could supposedly pick them up cheap and someone did the same thing and dumped Linux on them
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    @Sumafu what will I use it for?
    Honestly I do not know, Just seemed like something interesting to do with my old laptop, I haven't been using it for anything either way
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