i was hired to join a team of old devs (40+) in an unnamed European country "yay goodbye 3rd world it's time to enjoy the quality of life" assist with enhancing already existing software and creating new solutions.
prior to my arrival most things were slow and super buggy, looking at the code base it shouldn't be a surprise, amateur hour everyone, logic implemented that is not needed, comment driven development, last time code review was done back in 1996. lots of anti patterns.
i swear there is a for loop that does nothing but it loops through a 100+ elements list, trunk based development with tfs since git is "not really needed"
test projects are not there.
>enter me an educated fool, with genuine passion for the craft and somehow a decent amount of knowledge.
>spent the last year fixing stuff educating people on principles and qualities.
> countless hours of training and explaining. team is showing cooperation, a new requirement comes in to develop with react.
> tear my ass creating reusable shit and self explanatory code with proper naming etc using git with feature branching, monday is first deployment day.
> today a colleague was working on an item submit a pull request and self approve it
> look at the code..... WTF the dumb fuck copied and pasted the whole code from different kendo components but somehow managed to refractor the name to test component, commented out all the code that he didn't use did the api call directly from the component, has 2 useeffects that depends on the a fucking text box changes for no reason, no redux implementation, the acceptance criteria is not achieved, and it doesn't work it just look right.
> first world country shit cannot scold, cannot complain, lead by example.
>asked him why you did this, the response was yeah probably i shouldn't have done that, i really didn't understand anything in the training but didn't want to waste time!!!!
> rest of the team created a different styled disaster with different flavors they don't even name their shit the same way.

fellow developers I'm stuck in a spaceship with a bunch of imposters, seriously i never cried in my entire life now I'm teary and on the verge of a break down.
talk with management "improving needs time" and offers me to join a yoga session to release the stress as if reaching nirvana would deliver shit on monday.
i really don't know what do is this a rant, is this a cry for help, I'm not sure, any advice is welcomed.

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    At least you got offered a yoga session, that’s more than most places. Most places will just tell you that it’s your responsibility to educate them
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    @TrevorTheRat ngl you made me smile
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    I am in my twenties and I work every day with 40+ devs. From my experience, they don't easily adapt to new changes and usually come back to the way they used to do stuff.

    You gotta reach a certain threshold with them, speaking about time, before they start to understand they must adapt. It's pretty weird to say but basically you gotta think they are like kids who gets zero or little value from changing the way they used to code in the last 10+ years.

    Aside from the time it takes to change, you probably have to deal with the "who cares“ attitude which is pretty common in European people, at least where I live. Don't take it personally, don't even cry, you should put away your passion at work. In my opinion the best piece of advice I can give you is the following:

    " The workplace is not the context where you express your passion "

    Yep, sounds weird but you have coworkers and management with pov and priorities different from yours.
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    I don't think you should complain with the management, they probably know you have a tough job here. Just keep delivering anyway, in the end if someone complain you can always point out you did the best you could to improve situation, the team is cooperating but slowly adapting.

    I'm saying this because management is not expecting to get your complains. You have got the job to introduce changes in this prehistoric environment. They don't want to deal with it so they hired you to deal with it.
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    @xxzer0 man i get what you mean, it's just i love what i do. also im not asking anyone to love or hate each other or what they do, all i am asking is do your job properly.
    anyway thanks for taking the time to write something i appreciate it
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    @burntoutnoodle This.
    I can't give you more upvotes.
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    @burntoutnoodle good luck to you but the things is that i did all of this i even did multiple mob programming sessions the thing is that the moment i turn my head around everything is back to shit show, between this rand and now our QA reported that beta is full of ALERTS, yes Javascript alerts.

    resignation is the only way i guess need to find a new job first though, good luck with your struggle.
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