techmmm, comes, selects me off a 5 min interview for an internship. The guy i am talking doesnt know half of the things i am talking about, dont know why they put such people up for these jobs.
After getting selected,
No stipend cos “quarantine”
No laptops nothing cos “quarantine times”
No fucking respect either
Asks us to join if we want to or leave, note that this is before we even asked any of these questions.
Expects us to work for 8 fucking hours everyday build a project for them which will make them a lot of money and the credit will probably be given to some idiot employee.
Cant even complain to the college about this, bitch i have slogged a lot these past years you cant expect me to join a company which offers a ppo less than the monthly saalry of other companies and still have a dont care attitude.
Idc what anyone says noone is learning shit after joining. Why do you have this attitude man, what great are you offering.

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