I'm re-applying to the same internship that ghosted me like 6 months ago, wish me luck!

I'll also take the chance to wish you luck and success with whatever you're working on and what you will work on

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    I wish you the best of luck, but consider other options if possible. If they have low priority to message you back, then they might have an equally low one for teaching/assisting you.
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    @p100sch That might be. However I do want to provide some more context

    The first time the CRUD I made wasn't that good, and it was my first time using Ajax, not that it excuses the ghosting but I understand why they wouldn't accept me

    After that I decided to look more into it and started a small project in which I learned a lot, so now they asked for the same thing and my code is way better

    So let's hope for the best! If they won't teache me I'll learn from other people
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