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    The answer is just run gcc by hand you’re not building software for nasa lol

    Then there is gdb

    Unless you’re using visual studio
    Which you shouldn’t if you want portable software lol
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    Watching episode 5 of them has had the proper effect i feel like being relieved by amusing nerdy things like this and killing bad people all at once lol
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    You're about to reach 10K with these memes
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    What's confusing?

    Also wtf is a development environment? Do they mean vim?
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    I really like this one
    And question why does Linux dev suck so bad ? Lol

    Who the hell would use vim ? Lol
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    @ostream Your comment is underrated.
    Take my upvote. Yes, they mean Vim.
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    @MadMadMadMrMim people who aren't fucktards, mostly, cause they don't need to be taken by their hand and install a dozen GUIs on their retarded operating system to fucking do their jobs.
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    The only deVeLopMEnt enVirOnmemT you need is gcc and make
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    @ostream oh no who needs productivity boosting features like intellisense

    Or the ability to browse documentation

    Or a visual debugger with step functionality lol

    You’re not supposed to have to test and debug like it’s the 1990s ALL the time !

    And the other comment is pure sophistry !

    Just because no one wrote a working all in one ide doesn’t mean ides that offer advanced features aren’t a god send !

    I’d use turbo c over vim !

    And that is a stable answer because it’s true !

    Oh not to mention watches breakpoints and runtime object traversal !!!!!
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    @MadMadMadMrMim not what sophistry mean. But indeed wtf needs those things (who are all available as vim plugins... But granted you have to be able to type a command to install them).

    You can recognize stupid people by their propensity to use the mouse.
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    @ostream the sophism related to making the point about installing tons of ide's to solve a problem.
    that's like saying people who use more than one language are dumb for installing more than one compiler/interpreter.

    my experience with vim is its painful and the opposite or ergonomic

    if you like typing commands there are plenty of console interfaces like nuget
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    @MadMadMadMrMim beside none of those things are needed to start coding, quite the opposite as we see here.
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    @ostream to start coding, no. and while I would accept the argument that understanding the primitive can be helpful especially if for example your x-server crashes and won't boot again, personally I'd use JOE before I'd use VIM.

    just like knowing a bit about assembler would be a good thing.

    but how often will you use these things in the working world excepting absolute teeth grinding disaster recovery ?

    speaking of which we never touch on that.
    with size vs storage requirements why arent we embedding a backup recovery operating system now ?
    a 'oh shit no boot device found, bios settings arent't gonna fix this but I need to be doing things' RO, linux or something with all the necessary tools included ?

    or hell how about an embedded asm to x64 reference or an asm reference or the intel assembly language programming guide.

    thats the kind of shit I would add to my doomsday manual that everyone should have !
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    @MadMadMadMrMim lol i looked up nuget, it's dotnet.

    Did u confused me with some m$ fanboi?
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    @ostream lol there is nothing wrong with .net lol excepting that they keep releasing subsets of their framework that they abandon.

    and that .net core is a piece of garbage.

    but c# is fucking glorious !
    and vscode is great for javascript !
    and vs studio is great for c# !
    and vs studio is sort of good for c++ !

    and vs studio for python, node, or any other half hearted attempt at embracing os can blow me !
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    It's all microzoft shit
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    @MadMadMadMrMim plus framework like angular have shit documentation and shit structure because they except your fancy IDE to figure shit out
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    @ostream I don't use angular.

    what language do you use out of curiosity ?

    and isnt angular just a kind of server side includes framework for creating webpage templates that pull fields from the server like asp does but with ajax and js ?
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