I'm currently the only dev that works with a client's dev team. That's not really how we usually work, usually it's a whole team of ours.

Three aspects why this sucks:

1) the client's dev team is made up of juniors and junior to intermediate devs. All of them are new to scrum. I therefore have to constantly support (dev & agile workflow), check all the PRs and have to think of everything in Refinement meetings.

2) the client's based in another timezone and the PO is super busy because we're the only agile team in their company. Therefore this is going to be the third Friday in a row where I have meetings until 6pm.

3) I also have a specific time frame I have to start working for my company, so I constantly work extra hours due to the time difference.

I'm just tired.

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    Third point 3 is where you have to negotiate with your company. That is unacceptable
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    can you trust some of the juniors with the PRs? at least the simpler ones?

    We had a similar situation in our team before and the solution is to start engaging the juniors in the simpler tasks like PRs, maybe deployments and task estimations on their own. The sooner you start delegating bits of work to them the sooner you'll be able to focus on other things and the more experience they will gain anyway.

    that being said. That plan (imo) relies on there being at least one junior you kinda trust and see potential in. He might be able to pick up some of the workload from you carefully. Luckily we had several very competent devs in our case that we were able to include in some of the processes.

    If your team is full of people that you don't feel you can trust then it might be an issue ^^;
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    @iiii True, unfortunately all the company internal meetings are at the beginning of that timeframe so they whine about me not attending and I end up starting 'early' again - I'm such a pushover. They suggest that I take longer lunch breaks, but that doesn't really work for me either.

    @Hazarth Good idea, so far they do review each other, but also want me to review just to be safe. One of them is taking on more responsibility, so it might get better soon.
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    @tunneler maybe it's time to seek for something better then?
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