"Serverless" be like

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    I don't get it 🤔
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    Doing serverless is the same PHP is doing since 1994, but for other languages like Java.
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    @fjrevoredo Please explain?
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    @fjrevoredo serverless is server without all the hassles, developer just writes code and does stuff without caring about how it's hosted.
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    Yeah, PHP is effectively almost the same serverless. You drop php code on the php instance and it just works. You don't need any precompilation of dependencies, you can switch between versions (5.4, 7, etc). All these things are already provided for regular web hostings for the last 20 years.
    Sure cloud providers like amazon and google added fancy autoscaling and other shit but calling them "serverless" and pretending to be inventing something completely new is just ludicrous.
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    @fjrevoredo They essentially host CGI scripts and charge a certain function of input, output and computational resources. Lambda / Azure functions are the same principle as PHP hosting except they're a bit more generalized and therefore a lot more flexible.

    Compute on the other hand is a more complex solution. Some of the key differences are:

    1. Bundled high performance file system,

    2. The ability to use chron or other scheduling software, which most cheap PHP hosts don't allow or only allow to be configured manually,

    3. Because it's just Linux you're welcome to run your own DB on it or anything, if you run your own storage solution or message bus on a PHP host you'll be very poor very quick

    4. You can use protocols other than HTTP to initiate a connection to a Compute instance

    5. The number of invocations isn't involved directly in pricing, which means that it may be cheaper if you have a high volume of very small requests that don't take long to fulfill.
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    @Benutzername @ScriptCoded serverless is a misleading title because it means the developer doesn't care about the server, not that there is no server
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