So I thought to myself.
Hey I'll go ahead and use python, it will make this easier than using c++.

So I start looking at python.
And I start looking at specific common functions that c/c++ and .net all offer.

Like writing a fucking png image.
And I start seeing 3rd party libs that are at version 0.2

And so I say, this is supposedly the language data people love. which would include searching gis data too right ?

Everybody touts this level for ai and machine learning and all this other bullshit but I can't even create a fucking image ? And every document points to this same lib where it comes to creating this image ? at version 0.2 ?? 20 years or more after PNG was created ?

So I look up geotiff, and see 0.4........ so..... what is this language good for again ? I can parse json in javascript and do the other things I want...

Oh scatterplot generation ? What is it being displayed in jpeg ? Maybe the jpeg implementation is good. because you know i just use scatterplots constantly. yup. most of the data I require to analyze uses scatterplots. not risk.


oh and look django.... who the fuck uses django ?

and omg it makes me format my text or the run bombs.....

jesus. rpg much ?

I'm just... I'm not seeing...
WHY ?????????

and then I have zimmermans voice buzzing in my head about just using goddamn .net

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    Wait, why are you judging libs based on version numbers and updates?

    If it works for 20 years without needing patches that sounds like a good thing to me.

    I haven't had an issue I couldn't solve with python so far
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    @Hazarth no. the lib is not 20 years old, the IMAGE FORMAT is 20 years old.
    Looks like they made a binding to ImageMagick however which is stable and has worked for 20 years.

    and yeah unless they're using the versioning system incorrectly a lib of 0.2 shouldn't really be functioning for much at all.
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    build build build
    pythonmagick needs imagemagick
    want the newest version for test
    build build build
    pythonmagick needs boost
    want the newest version of boost for test
    build build build
    package manager ? whats that ? bahahahaha
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    so uh wtf is boost ? LOL
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    *cries* why can't they just leave my work alone and then i could just have moved on years ago.
    all they have to do is back off, why must i recreate things over and over again to no end ?
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    wouldn't even have gotten bored enough to try this otherwise !

    and why are the elevation maps so damn data intensive !!!
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    oh me so honey oh me so honey oh me so so honey me love you long time lmao

    not gonna do it but still lol funny to think about.
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    they live most of their lives detached from the concept of consequences.

    the consequences of their actions sets people back years but for them its all about not gettibg caught till they re the worn out leathery masses of cellulite i see sitting before me engaging in the same dialogue over and over and over again hahaha that noone will ever want again.
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    doesn't matter how much of it they're responsible for
    they are still responsible.
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    Have you tried Pillow/PIL for python image processing? I remember it being fairly easy to use
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    @pythonPlusPlus imagemagick bad ? I saw that kind of down in the lists, but I'm familiar with the fact that imagemagick is stable :P hehe
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    @MadMadMadMrMim boost is a cpp library. Never heard of it?
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    gdal and the proj they began the lovely slide..
    luckily i decided to rhyme so i'll mention glide
    have no use for glide so I built up my toolchain
    got the finish of the gdal and python made it raiiiiiiinnnnnnnn

    build buildy build build buildy buildy build ImageMagick, and Boost and Pythons Module like a guild

    that last comment made no sense you
    thank god i still feel like meeeee eee
    im gonna kill you all
    i'll kill you all
    and scoop your pedo eyes out
    same with my dad

    what makes it die much quicker
    what is the skynet tiller
    what gets the machines in their mode

    what is the tarturus a rouser
    pushing my damn boulder
    up a fucking hilll-a

    oh I could shoot and stab it
    but I'd rather have it
    working in shoveling shit

    oh i needa keep this
    i needa keep this
    before i go more fucking insannnneeeeee !!!!!
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    @iiii I did a long time ago, but I'm a .net guy even though i wandered back to this point multiple times

    i remember a discussion indicating you use its special lil tool to package your special lil source with it to greatly expand the stl's capabilities.

    i only ever built it as a precursor to pythonmagick
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    @MadMadMadMrMim it's sort of like an alternative STL with some features sometimes being ported from boost to STL.
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    Pillow/PIL/(even cv2) for images? Last I saw, most charting libraries(matplotlib, seaborn) had builtin support for saving as image(jpg, png, svg and more).

    Secondly, why are you using a package from 2003 for python 2.2? Atleast use a search engine, find out how to do it properly before bashing the language. (Python is now at 3.x btw, you're atleast 2-3 Major releases behind)

    > Who the fuck uses django?
    Then don't. Use what you want to.
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    @AvyChanna Python3
    generating a png for a different purpose
    not using django
    not using that module
    just appears first in the web results when searching for how to generate a png in python for some reason
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    Why wouldnt you just use open cv for image Processing
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    @bighead unfamiliar thats why :P
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    @bighead I'm sheltered .net does all this crap built in even if its deficient in other things.

    Pillow seems a tad better.
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    @MadMadMadMrMim but one simple google search will tell you
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    @bighead its funny I sewarched for the phrase 'create png in python'
    and I got pillow and pypng :P
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    @bighead so much for google.
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    @MadMadMadMrMim first of all pillow is good second work on your google skills: python image Processing library
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    @bighead somehow i think directly asking how to create a png file should yield some results by now :P
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    @bighead open cv looks neato :)
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