I started to teach my partner some programming basics (web, just html and some css for starters), since they asked me to. So far we haven’t killed each others, so it’s going much better than expected.

Also, it seems to be a very common misconception that one needs to be a special breed of person to be able to understand and write some code.

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    There's also a misconception that everyone should know how to code as well.
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    @iiii doesn’t hurt them to know a bit, now does it?
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    @100110111 it does not hurt to know everything, does it? Does not mean you should.
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    @iiii true that. Does everyone need to know how to code? Probably not. Still a better misconception imo than any of the gendered ones still lingering around (every man should know how to this and that, and every woman should whatever)
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    @100110111 fair nuff
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    No one ever said you needed to be a special breed of person to write some code.

    You need to be a special breed of person to make it your career
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    @JustThat you missed the point here. There is a misconception that you need to be a special kind of breed to write any code at all, which is obviously not true. You may need to be a special breed to make it your career, that may be, but there are many people around who’re afraid to even try it since they have this thing in their mind that coding is so alien you’ve got to have your brain wired differently to even understand the basics.
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    @iiii imo everybody should know how to code simple programs to do some calculations or manipulate a couple of rows of data.
    Engineering software however, that's not for everyone
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    @100110111 No, I got the point. And I agreed with you. I think anyone can, and probably should, learn the basics nowadays.

    I also think not everyone, having done that, should think they can get a job and have a career doing it
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    @Lucky-Loek I disagree. Logic skills is one thing, but knowledge of a specific programming language is a totally other thing. Being able to write instructions in natural language on paper is a must for intelligent beings, but knowing how to transform that into a specific set of keywords is not.
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