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    Doesn't look like an oil spill, so it most likely is natural gas burning there. Natural gas is mostly methane which is way more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide...

    Let it burn and fix the leak at the ground level instead.
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    @Oktokolo or violently sabotage those companies until they quit destroying the planet
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    Sure, why not.
    But should still fix that leak too.
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    Actually, you are watching an accelerate class about "How to handle stressful situations: Good and Bad behaviours"

    So you are learning, a lot.
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    Curious, what event is that picture from? If it is authentic in the first place I mean
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    Nevermind, found out it was an event in the Gulf of Mexico.
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    @ostream they are not destroying the planet. They are only making it more difficult to live on it.
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    Yeah. I'm just sick of breathing shit all year long tbh
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