I'm a hobbyist photographer but lately I've been getting offers to work on major gigs. Apparently people have started liking my photography.
However, just like some programmers are hardliners when it comes to particular stacks, the camera world is riddled with brand loyalists that can't accept that anything other than their camera gear is better. You have Canon/Nikon users who can't wrap their minds around the fact that Sony is making better cameras for the price.
I ask a question about what lens people recommend and a flame war starts about why X camera is better than Y camera.
Guess what, it ultimately comes down to the skill of the photographer and not the camera. All I wanted was a lens recommendation for a particular style of shooting.
Thing is, all modern cameras are more than capable of doing their jobs.

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    Only use Hasselblad ;-)
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    @yabbat what matters is you're happy with the pictures it takes.
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    There are some differences (eg. Sony autofocus is usually way better, Fujifilm tends to have subjectively "nicer" colours OOTB, some gear works better in combinations etc.) but yes, the skill of the photographer counts for way more with most modern cameras being able to handle everything needed.

    For that matter I hate the purists who think you can't do legitimate photography/videography on phones, despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary. It may not be a big budget camera but it's still a camera ffs.

    People just like organizing into opinion camps and contending that theirs is the best for some weird reason. You'd think folks would evaluate needs and requirements objectively by now but nope.
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    Yeah, I was absolutely ridiculed by someone for choosing a Sony recently for video work, on the basis that "Canon, Nikon or Panasonic are the ones to go for" and "Sony is overpriced garbage" and "only suitable for fanboys".

    Long as you've done your research, stick by your guns, and their lack of knowledge soon shows through to anyone who's watching on.
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    @RememberMe exactly. It's still a camera and it will get the job done.
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    @AlmondSauce I bet they didn't give you a single reason. They just bashed Sony for no reason. Sometimes I think it's buyer's remorse.
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    @molaram I wouldn't call any modern camera "shit". Sony cameras can definitely shoot cinema grade videos.
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    @null-pointer-ex Yup, the only "reasons" were the crap excuses about Canon being better because he read a blog post...
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