Really pissed of about FlutterDev reddit community, where you find people tath hate and dislike when you share video tutorials.

I mean, the rules allow for it, they dislike cause they are basic concepts, I mean they should understand that for people like me who has just started a Youtube channel this is one of the few ways that you have to share your content.

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    Share it here then !
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    @arturzadas Exactly. Reddit's a sinking ship, anyway. Fuck 'em. ;)
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    Also, I have been part of the FlutterDev Discord server (here's a non-expiring invite link, if you'd like to check it out: https://discord.gg/t4WumSU57W) for about two years, give or take, and I have found it to be a truly awesome community there. Folks of all ages and experiences ranging from developers who have been coding since childhood to those who are brand new to the realm of programming and app development, interested in learning Dart and the Flutter framework.

    Also, they have a channel that exists specifically for folks to share helpful written and video tutorials, and the like; it's called `#articles-and-videos`. I imagine that your videos will better reach those who stand to gain knowledge from your content there, as well. :)

    P.S. — I have been on somewhat of a hiatus from my Flutter projects to focus on some research, so I am not aware of any changes or updates they may have made, so I definitely suggest checking their rules and whatnot before posting, just in case.
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    @MrHallows Thank you for your time 😃, yes I've already joined their discord but i forget to post there, thanks for the suggestion.

    Still I can't understand those guys, this is my problem ahahahah, I mean if you don't like a thing don't watch it, and if you are so pro you should read the docs not watch videos on Youtube..
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