New programmer who just pick up Python be like , C is shot , is bad , python better blablabla....

Why anyone hate C so much? I personally use C for Embedded Programming, for hardware or is better compare to using python for my case.

I love python , but I love C more. Because without C the rest don't exist. Right?

So stop hating on C. Because you might use it someday.

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    I’d like an occasion to use c
    Likely so I could create a lib to bind too hehe
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    I remember when they were called interops

    Bindings sounds better
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    Its all fun and games, until someone tries to double free, or starts to leak pointers.
    And then its off by one shit.

    C is nice and all - can be used for good, but most times - Evil.
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    @magicMirror personally I think some of this is because it’s cryptic syntax is so forgiving Where things like pointers and derefencihg is concerned
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    I honestly don't know anyone who hates on C, if anything the Python-only folks I know treat it like some advanced arcane stuff that's too much for them, they'll stick to their simple Python data science/ml/optimization stuff thank you very much.
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    I agreed with everything except the last part where you said without C rest will not exists, by that logic we should code in assembly maybe. There is no language supremacy, or silver bullet for any problem, that's what makes this field so interesting.
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    The syntax might ne forgiving.
    The runtime is all about the (segfault at 3x6666666, sigbart 6)
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    Because “Screw your team; my team is better!” after picking up a ball for the first time.
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    Python users don't realize that they use C more than they think. Most of the heavy lifting stuff gets done in C. Numpy, Pandas, Tensorflow, Keras, Numba, cython - all use C one way or another.
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    @AvyChanna yes exactly
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    @AvyChanna Pretty much everything that matters happens in C.

    Boot loader, kernel, drivers, shell, GUI system, graphics, networking, VMs and JIT compiling. Practically all of embedded. Most of these are in C (or sometimes C++).

    Python is kind of like frosting on the cake, where C is the rest of the eight-course feast, including the cake itself.
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    @Root True. I make android apps for a living. I generally have to use Java/Kotlin for it. And even I use C (JNI to be exact). There is virtually nothing that doesn't use C.
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    Meanwhile i hate python and love C
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    tbh i like python (while hating the "python everything" assholes), but that person is just an idiot.

    On the same note, i don't really understand all the python hate. Sure, there are plenty of usecases where it's not a good fit, but it goes together with picking a proper tool for the job.
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    @Lyniven I love both, but I hate those who just extreme on one .
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    You're a giant tool if you drive a pickup truck in a European city. Most people living in Amsterdam are better off with a Skoda Citigo or a Fiat 500, something light and maneuverable which doesn't immediately scrape or crash into traffic bollards every ten seconds.

    Still, pickup trucks have a great reason to exist: You can drive over rough terrain with a fallen tree in the trunk. You have to pay more attention to what you're doing, but it will outperform a Fiat.

    I respect C's history and track record. But, I dislike using C for most modern use cases, because Rust is a superior pickup truck.That doesn't mean I grab Rust every time I need to analyze data or set up an API service.

    But if I need to optimize some platform infrastructure because it's buckling under heavy load, I do grab Rust over C these days.
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    Confirmation bias. People who pick up python love hearing they picked the best language and how it's better than anything else ever.

    "I know you think C when embedded programming comes to mind but actually? Python is way better and more used."

    "I know you think PHP when backend web development comes to mind but actually? Python is way better and more used."

    "Have you seen the statistics? Python is the most used programming language ever."

    Python is a --VERSATILE-- language you can use in every field. But I don't think it's the "best" language of any specific field.
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