all languages should ban the use of white space

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    Whitespaces actually don't matter at all, if used in calculation; lets say
    a = 65;
    b = 80;
    a + b (or a+b)
    Both are same
    And also how would be the indents fine without those spaces?
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    @rEaL-jAsE thanksyoucantotallysuckit seems like @Eklavya never got it
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    I hope that includes newlines and line wrapping.

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    @EpicofGilgamesh IgotitnowthanksandIthinkitsreallyfunnowwithoutthosespacesfml
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    @Eklavya atleastsomeonehasbrainsouttatheboxupinthisbitch
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    I'd love to see Python without whitespace

    Or whitespace without whitespace!
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    @Eklavya Depends on the language, don't it?

    In bash shell, which you may or may not consider a language, the spaces will cause errors

    a=65 is correct
    a = 65 is not
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