This will definetly be an unpopular rant but god damn it I hate to work with untreated depressed people. It's fucking nearly impossible to convince them to try out something new. They are always pessimistic or think that they know everything. They don't care about new things happening around them. Every time in work when we encounter some obstacle it looks like the world has ended for them and every god damn time I need to give pep talks to them like we are in some war and I feel like I need to inspire soldiers to fight even though they are 100% convinced that they will die.

Im done with being a therapist for them. I don't have unlimited amounts of tolerance and energy, I am a human also. I can't keep sugarcoating what I see and I can't continue walking like on eggshels just because somebody is too weak to even take a constructive criticism without becoming passive agressive for days or weeks. I realized that their negative pessimism has started to rub off on me and I think it's time to put an end to this.

Please if you have depression get some help, don't expect that new workplace or employer will motivate you enough to turn your life around. Don't expect that putting on a mask will actually hide who you are and that your condition will not impact others around you in work. Just stop pretending and get some actual help. Start from yourself.

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    I don't have a work experience, but I do have experience with several people with depression and yes, its very draining on a person. It's ok when I have the spare energy but whenever Im tired myself I just can't deal with it.
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    Yes, it's draining. But it keep in mind, a lot of people aren't tought to take care of themselves first.

    And that I know better attitude is probably coming from a place of insecurity.

    Isn't it crazy that we spent almost 18 years from school to college studying stuff that is almost irrelevant for real life, and there's not one year of studying and practicing on how to stay mentally healthy?
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    I don't know the exact situation but I personally would be incredibly annoyed if a colleague kept giving pep talks whenever I made remarks full of cynicism lol .
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    @galileopy Nah, that probably got axed before financial education. Emotionally sound people make poor clients for big pharma ;)
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    @nitnip Then you might be one of these miserable fuckers
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    @zemaitis how aggressive. Are you sure you're not the one with emotional baggage?
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    @nitnip You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain
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