Symfony docs suck.


when running
what parameter to pass to the fucking version to not get class not found fucking error?
No explaination in docs, no explaination in command --help. wtf is wrong with symfony devs?

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    It's probably not a Doctrine issue, it is a autoloader / classpath issue.

    1. Is every class the same name as the file it is contained within?
    2. Does every PHP file under src contain a namespace that has the path to the file (PSR-4)?
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    Did you.. Remove a generated migration file ?
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    @Lyniven No I did not remove :)
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    @joas do not know, but one person helped - running like this works

    bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute --down 'DoctrineMigrations\Version20210729075647'

    Symfony devs - if you read this - you should add example! I would add if docs were easily editable. But I hate doing that many steps to update the stupid documentation.
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    Symfony Docs = Horror
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    The docs suck majorly almost as bad as this site that gives you no error message as to WTF is going on but just doesn't post if it doesn't like something. Yeah that is top fucking notch there. They leave out very many important details you need to work with Symfony. The info you actually need is somewhere locked away in a symfonycast always, never are details of how shit works in the docs, nooo!!!! WTF do that and be like the other open source projects????My articles on Symfony now get over 10,000 views a month.
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    yeah this sites post operation sucks major ballsac. If you enter a web link it just blinks and doesn't give you any error as to what the fuck is going on.
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    @Devnergy docs = pile of useless shit
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