one of the projects i maintain is something no one else knows much about in the company. its a huge project which maintaining is a nightmare that casued previous ppl to quit.

i have been vigilant for 1.5 years, finally they agreed to give me help. so we got another dev to help.

i was given a bunch of tasks, he was given a few as well. Now he convinced everyone in the company that he is the owner of the project...and everyone thinks i handed over the project to him...

why are people pieces of attention seeking shit ?

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    Bad thing:
    people believe him.

    Welcome in 21th century:
    Real skills are overrated.
    Surface, surface, surface.

    Nobody is interested in truth or skills.
    They just want to listen to a good story.
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    Yea people like this ruins my hope for humanity. I feel you on some deep level.

    Did you fight for yourself tho?
    Update us with the drama.
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