Hey , I'm a final year student studying computer applications from india can anyone please share me tips or guide me for product based companies preparation.

I know basic DSA , intermediate python language and much familiar with other computer science subjects such as os, networking, DBMS, digital logic.

Hoping for help from the community 🙏

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    Hello and welcome to devRant!

    Unfortunately the job market in India is a bit different from Europe (from what I have heard), and even my experience even with the European one is quite limited.
    So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    Don't be surprised how few "university knowledge" is directly required in the job - unless your university has partnered with companies in your region, it will be hardly a "perfect fit" for any company. Unfortunately the requirements for "product base companies" are also quite different between each company, so I am unable to tell you then"required" skills.
    Even when limiting to product based ones, such a companies can sell (on-premise) web services or may build industry appliances... these obviously have different requirements.
    Ultimately it is you to decide what path you want to pursue. Is the "computer applications" course already directed in such area, or is it general "applied computer sciences" one?
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    @sbiewald it's similar to computer science nothing difference in both.
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