So, after studying software development and games programming, I ended up working as a Salesforce developer. Been doing it for over a year now, but it's still not something I'm passionate about.

I got invited to an interview for a different job. Games industry related, using golang to do backend work.

Switching from Salesforce to Engine. From frontend to backend. I have faith that I can do it, the question I'm struggling with is... Should I?

I have no idea what the pros and cons are, junior dev In both roles, pay is about the same but for the fields themselves, is being a backend dev better than frontend? Is golang a desired language? Do I have career security by learning these things?

Or should I stay where I am now, give up enjoying my job in favour of something I class incredibly easy?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can learn anything. Do whatever gets you excited. Life's too short to be stuck with a boring job.
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    If you are not challenged you will have shittier skills. Make it harder to change jobs later.
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    I am sure your question is rhetorical
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    @asgs I am asking a serious question. This is a big decision. If I stay where I am, I know whereabouts the future will go, and I'm fine with it, outside if the fact that the work is mundane and very boring.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure what difficulties or future options are available if I switch. I have no idea if the prospects are good and wantec some advice
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    Every time you have to consider a move to another company it feels like a massive decision.
    Would you even be thinking about this switch if you enjoyed your current job?

    You said after a year you don’t feel that passionate about being a sales force developer, so I think you know what you want to do really.
    But would you feel good being a sales force developer somewhere else?

    Learning GoLang sounds good.
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    @TrevorTheRat I could be content to it, given the overall simplicity. I'm just worried that 1 the level of technical stuff for the new job may be too much for me, as I've never gone to that field in the past and 2 if a problem occurs, I'll be too specialised and may have issues finding work
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    @LazyLarry I think being a Salesforce Developer is more specific than a (Go) backend Developer. Go can be used to build many kinds of backends and on the way, you will probably be learning and building things surrounding the backend

    My opinion is, you need to clearly switch Jobs
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    If the pay is the same, but one job has you use Salesforce, why would you want to stay in Salesforce?
    Golang is doing pretty well as far as I know, you'll be fine. Anything you learn with golang will transfer to most other languages. Plus, you don't have to touch Salesforce.
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