Again symfony documentation or symfony itself. Or me not noticing something?

Doing simple commands from

and https://symfony.com/doc/current/...

and encore not found . Wtf. Just wasting my and other devs who have same problem time.

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    Symfony documentation is hell. Hard to code with Symfony as well. Laravel is a breeze to work with.
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    These php frameworks are the ones that lambasted php's reputation. These frameworks think they are cool and necessary to write php codes. They have excessive indoctrination of MVC, dependency injection whatever, and convoluted folder structures that makes it hard to read and debug the codes. Stick with a simple router like Bramus router, use curl for api access, and use OOP as necessary.
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    With dependency injection I do not see problem, if I would not use framework, I guess I would need some library for that anyway I guess, thats good thing.

    But lot of php workplaces require symfony, so if you do not know it, you reduce possible jobs choices by a lot.
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    @Devnergy I am considering company which uses laravel, maybe really I would be even more productive with it, bring more benefit to the company. On the other hand - it does not like using automated tests becuase they think it is not productive, but I do not believe so. Depends on which places you test.
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