Some serious request

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    True, but I'll be a nerd and say it's not a legitimate request to be allowed in the first place. #notlegaladvice
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    @vintprox At least in the jurisdiction I live in, there's a very distinct difference between legal contracts and copyright notices.

    A contract always needs a signature, and in some cases a notary. A contract can require goods/money to change hands, fines to be paid, labor/services to be provided, etc.

    On the other hand, all produced text (including source code) is considered simply copyrighted by default.

    A copyright license is not a contract AT ALL, it can not demand anything not already stated by copyright law. Since it is a law, no signatures are needed.

    All the copyright owner can do by issuing a license, is WAIVE legal restrictions. In other words, copyright law is strict, and a license can make it LESS strict.

    Also, if the above was proposed as a contract and signed willingly, both the contractor, the contractee and the Devil would be guilty of human trafficking 🤷‍♀️
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