Someone suggest something useful and different for me to learn I’m in a rut !

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    Btw everything is you peoples fault for repeating all the content over and over not being less self defeating and rude years ago :) eat my dick :) some more :)
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    People skillz
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    @Root will you pretty please stop causing so much trouble in the world. I’m like talking to you.
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    @Root you’re so original and sweet and nice and I’m so very glad that you all drive me crazy wherever I am with clones of youngsters while growing older and older and claiming you’re all the same ages and it’s the same z number of years which makes me wonder if you’re not murdering the previous ones since obviously you’re all capable of incredibly callous evil behavior.

    But that’s ok
    I love you all
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    @Root and I most certainly prefer all your company to that of other real people

    You give more .... talks
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    @Root additionally I love every moment of this and don’t wonder if I should get my head examined for using the same platform which inevitably ends with me wanting to shoot myself
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