I feel compelled to figure out how to use software in a gaming setting to teach skills like CS and Math. But do it in a way that is fun and not feeling like a "math game".

I want to spend more time learning about algorithms, architectures, design approaches, etc. Writing such a game would force me to understand what I present in a very intimate way.

I can see a way to create algos in game using very visual ways. Then allowing someone to make superstructures combining those algos to solve tasks.

I was inspired by how some algos require data to be sorted a certain way before starting. As the algo as a side effect resorts the data to know when it has completed. I realized if an algo is generic enough it can be combined just like functions or objects.

I also want to learn math better, especially in conjunction with code. So making a platform for learning these would be a lot of fun. I would definitely want both visual and textual interfaces to the code. I have to imagine a real programmer being frustrated with a visual interface unless it was really compelling.

I find it interesting that a lot of algos are represented visually when trying to show how it works. I realize some probably cannot be visualized so easy though.

I also want to use software like this to teach someone to think more deliberately and help people be more disciplined in their thinking. I know I could use this.

I have a secret goal of being able to use such software to help someone become a math/programming wizard. I don't know if this is achievable, but having exercises that help solidify root concepts in a fun way would be really useful IMO.

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    Something like Pwn Adventure 3 seems up your alley. Though maybe you could gamify it a bit more, since PA3 is mostly "break stuff" without any handholding whatsoever. If you can't think of ways to break it on your own, you won't figure it out.

    Check out LiveOverflow's YouTube playlist on the game for some inspiration
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