Deciding to work in technology was one of the worst decisions I made in life. But I won’t kill myself.

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    You see that as a skill mismatch? Or is it your frustration speaking out?
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    @asgs expectations mismatch: I thought I would be treated like a human being, but I’m treated like a thing not a person.
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    @easyrhino oops but it looks like a problem created by your fellow beings at Work

    Hope you could find a better workplace
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    That definitely sounds like a problem related to humans, not tech. There are shitty humans in all industries, the trick is to avoid working with or for them.
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    @ItsNotMyFault that’s everywhere in Tech if you’re an African American.
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    @easyrhino you could just stop being an african *american*, that tends to solve most problems. (Plenty of countries out there that aren't racist shitholes)
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    @ItsNotMyFault @ItsNotMyFault become African <what> instead?
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