On today's episode of... The shit people will try to pull off to get you work longer hours.

Guilt tripping.

I mean, seriously? That one can be smelled from miles away and it is obviously a clear red flag that you're a manipulative person.

Why would you even try it? Have some respect for yourself.

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    Because they are manipulative assholes who don't care about what you think of them as long as they are happy. Quality scum. They generally require a blunt tongue to put them in their place. However it might backfire depending on how scummy they are.

    Some of them actually believe themselves to be morally superior so they don't even realize they are manipulating. You probably owe them because they led you on the "right" path by making you work extra.
    Fuck them with a hot barbed pole.
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    @anux right, and that's today's episode.
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    @galileopy my condolences and ++s
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