Not 100% related to tech but I think that we can sometimes be close to that kind of people so...

I am tired of those empty people who have been running a successful business and start to criticize governments, people who are staying employees, education system, sometimes saying that school is useless ect

What they don't get is that they are (especially the ones who didn't study and are saying that school is useless) a minority, a 1% while the rest are in factories if not under a bridge.

Those people are for most of them just lucky and yet they sell "the perfect recipe of success" which is basically shitting on everything (hope this rant will get me rich) while thinking that they are geniuses.

So to all the students here. Fucking finish your studies, don't listen to those clowns, because you might not have a successful business, and because you are not a slave because you are not the CEO of a company. They are just a visible minority with a huge ego and for a lot, not a lot of skills. Stop believing those clowns like if they were prophets.

Also, for those who absolutely want to run a business, have an idea first then you'll see.

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    It's called survivorship bias and I think it is very common with founders.
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    I think it's very important to separate the concept of structured education and practical learning. I think the complains many have against education is that it often does not reflect the skills you need in the real world.
    That said, you still need a degree to have a chance at a reasonable job. I bet the CEOs that say you don't need a degree, are not willing to take a chance and hire someone without one.
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    So there's no point to listen to those people. Most of them are here because of luck and are encouraging younger people to do the same than them while they are just a minority

    Regarding school, to be honest, I've had the chance to be out of the British-American system, which is pretty terrible, so I had it for free, for a not so bad system. My parents are not very rich so I definitely consider that as a chance.
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    Well, most of the time, you need both, first for your job of course but ALSO to not sound like a total idiot at the moment when you open your mouth.
    And we have a lot of that kind in France among the goddamn "startupers". For a country that values culture over money, it's a shame.
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    @Tounai I hear a lot that university "makes you an interesting person".
    Respectfully I strongly disagree. To me someone with natural curiosity will have interesting things to say. Conversely, if someone only retells has stuff they heard in University, I find them very uninteresting.
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    @thomas66777 Well at least it gives you the decency to not say total bullshit on some topics. But also, I have worked with people from university and non university backgrounds and what I can say is that in most cases there's a difference in the approach, related to some theorical notions.

    Now, my point is : in any case, telling to people that if they are not successful is because of school or that school will make them slaves just because YOU have been successful is total crap. Degree is a safety no matter what.
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    Honestly, I pretty much never see someone who truly "have been running a successful business" criticizing people who are studying or staying employees (they do bash the government here, and they are right, fuck them, we have to pay around 100% taxes at least to every single fucking piece of tech). Actually, I hear from truly succesful people that I should keep studying and learning from my job as an employee, because I have very low risk, but I'm still able to gather a lot of knowledge to apply now and later in my life.

    Now, for the shitty stuff of "drop out of school/college" and blah blah, it generally comes from wannabe entrepreneurs or assholes selling pyramid schemes.
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