2 hours of sleep because of a hard deadline. Now I will sleep most of my Saturday and work again tonight for free because I need to catch up. Also hate the nasal cycle that wakes me up and suddenly I'm hungry too. Ate breakfast and will wait probably 30 minutes then sleep again.

Have you experienced this also?

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    No, because I'm smart enough not to do such shit in the first place.

    You do that, you "save" the project, and that tells your PMs that they can fuck you left, right and centre. That's how you end up in such a shitshow.

    The smart way is to select a not super critical deadline with bad planning and let that fail deliberately to teach the PMs that you won't make up for their lack of planning. Think ahead.
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    Just stop. You are not a slave. If you keep doing this they want you to keep doing this. Unrealistic deadlines, lack of planning and not enough people working on a project are not your problem.
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    @Fast-Nop the user story for frontend is quite complicated. The UI design they gave me is complex and quite hard. Simple functionality but complex UI I hate that. I'll not do extra validations and other fancy stuffs. I will tell them it will be for the next sprint. I can't do it all in one sprint.
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