I have this theory that (most of) tech people (software engineers, developers, devops, etc) are very ok with a working regular smartphone as opposed to non-tech people.

I'm talking like, money not being an issue, we are cool with a Xiaomi or OPPO, etc. As other people feel the need to go for the latest and more expensive iPhone or Samsung.


PS: I'm still rocking my Xiaomi Mi A1, it's still performant for what I need it.

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    Yeah, huge specs on a phone just means better access to the worst games ecosystem in the world.
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    200 USD or less is my style.

    You can get a pretty good phone for that. That well, works as a phone. I am looking at switching from my 150 USD old samsung to a 200 USB Motorola. The motorola I can root.
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    The flagship phone is a Fashion Statment. Or a Statement - meaning "we have no idea, and listened to the sales person advice".
    Tech people do not care about that. We know that a good chinese phone (they all are. fucking iphones) is enough for what we do with it. I use a P30 - good phone, good price, has external storage option, and 3.5mm audio port.
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    I used my iPhone 2016 SE for 4 years. But battery and shattered glass was the problem. Replaced it with 2020 SE.
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    Sounds like a restricted sample from people who are vocal about "I know what I need and this four year old phone is it" (I'm not saying that's wrong or anything, it's just one kind of opinion to have about phones).

    I know plenty of tech people who like being on the latest stuff (myself included, restricted by budget). I'd honestly go for a good new phone for the cameras/computational photography, screen, battery, faster processor, and the occasional extra thing like lidar which is great for 3D scanning. Flagship phones are great experiences tbh, although I'd probably go for the second-best since the best is usually stretched for vanity.

    Also a lot of it is about avoiding choice. As a layperson you'd know what you're in for with an Apple or Samsung phone, so you'd just go with it. Most people don't look at or care about specs or software versions or whatever.
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    Are we really saying that tech minded people are immune to marketing techniques? I'm happy to admit that I'm a data engineer and have a flagship Samsung phone. After 3 years, it's the first time phone that I didn't want to get rid of after my contract ended. Maybe I'm not a tech person then
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    1 glasgship every 3 years is my speed. And the only reason I change it is : I will break something in the first 3 months.

    My Htc 8X : Screen fissured after coliding with a door ;p
    My Lumia 1020 : Stolen lol (From my hands ! In Bruxelles, never going to belgium again)
    My Lumia 950 XL : Screen fissured after first 5 days (used it until S10 was released)
    Samsung S10 : Back of the phone (glass) broken already. (No problems with screen so far)
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    Well I succumbed and went outside my normal range. I bought a Moto G Stylus (250). I will have to rant about it later.
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    Having Xiaomi redmi note 7, will replace it only when it breaks, had redmi 3s before and used it up completely until battery died which was around 4.5 years after I purchased it.

    I don't care about camera quality, always looking for more RAM and battery, double sim, 3,5mm jack, with decent performance. Playing only LoR from time to time. As a power user I appreciate that Xiaomi in general is easy to unlock and flash, so bye bye bloatware!

    Will never buy Samsung/Iphone as they are more of a status symbol with bloated software than a fully functional smartphone.
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